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House Colors Chevron Scarf – Published!

It’s pretty typical of me to knit something up, write it down, have it tested, then never get around to publishing the new pattern.  TYP-I-CAL!  So it’s no surprise that this scarf pattern, that I developed back in August, is just now reaching the public.

Go, team, go!

The beauty of this scarf is several fold – it has only a single pattern row (so it’s easy to memorize), it’s knit in bulky yarn (so it’s finished quickly), and it’s as squishy and snuggly as a good scarf can be!  Using two colors from your favorite school, sports team, or fictional magical house, you can show your spirit while banishing the cold.


I used two skeins of two colorways of Fleece Artist Coraline, 100% Corriedale wool.  It boasts vivid, saturated colors and a tight, squishy structure.  At 8″ x 72″, it’s amply wide and long to fit just about any adult.  I also offer some suggestions for modifications to fit smaller people.  You can find the free pattern here!

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Laramie Cowl – Finally Finished!

In a previous post, I showed you all a small swatch of a project I was working on.  Just like this:


Well, I’m finally done with the project!  It was almost two years in the making, because that’s how I roll.  I knew from the beginning what yarn I wanted to use, how I wanted to incorporate two colorways, and the stitch pattern I wanted to feature.  I just couldn’t figure out how I wanted to finish the piece.


Then it hit me: buttons and buttonholes could turn an easy-to-knit piece into a much more interesting-to-wear accessory!  And there you have it, the Laramie Cowl.  It can be worn close to the neck, looped twice around, with a necklace of buttons to frame the face.


It can also be worn long, as just a single loop.  Using the buttonholes, you can keep it closed, warm and snuggly.  Leaving the buttons undone allows the loop to open up and move with you.  Either way, it’s great with a jacket or over a nice shirt.


And finally, it can be worn as a shrug!  Obviously, it looks better on a model with arms than without, but it’s super hard to take a photo of yourself from any distance 😉  To adjust for size, you simply cast on more or less stitches at the beginning.


I used two colorways of Hand Maiden’s Silk Maiden, one highly variegated with a lot of contrast and the other only mildly variegated, with subtle contrast in colors.  I used Bronze and Walnut (shown above); the Bronze is no longer a current colorway, but could easily be substituted with Cinnamon (shown below) for a super close match.


I alternated the colorways every other row so that I could get a more subdued overall effect while still including quite a bit of color variation.  I’m pleased as punch at how the whole thing turned out!  What do you think?

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My Hilltop Wedding!

Bones! & Matt 491

On July 25 of this year, I got married to my super rad best friend, Matt!  It was such a fun time, on top of the ridge that overlooks our property, surrounded by friends and family on all sides.  The weather was perfect, the views were amazing, and we couldn’t have asked for more support from our tribe.

Bones! & Matt 447

My bridesmaids made sure to keep me calm and make me smell the flowers, since they knew the day would go by too quickly; a champagne brunch also helped!  The ceremony was over in a flash, and highlighted with a duet sung by my dad and his wife.  It almost triggered the waterworks, but I held strong.


After a few quick toasts, we all fought in line for our friend, The Pitmaster’s amazing prime rib and smoked turkey; another dear friend provided the home brewed, award winning cider.  Then, it was time to cut the cake!


Then, what we all really came for — lawn games!  We had corn hole, giant jenga, washers, and more.  We’re not big dancers, at least not in public, but we always love a good game out in the lawn.  Our talented musician friends provided a backdrop of lively bluegrass music, and it was a great time.


All in all, it was easily the best day of my life.  I know…people often say that and it sounds so cheesy.  But seriously.  For real.  From start to finish, I got to see all of the most amazing people in my life, from all over the country, who have all contributed to who I am today.  It was the best time.  Oh, and one more thing.  Best. Shoes. Ever!

Bones! & Matt 545


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Four Projects and a Wedding

It’s been four months since my last post; for me, it feels like a couple of weeks.  I spent most of that time planning for, then enjoying, my wedding!  But that’s another post 🙂  Somehow, I was also able to pull off four projects during that time.  Which astounds me, because I don’t really remember doing much knitting!


The first is a very simple bandana.  I used a single ball of Knit Picks Chroma Fingering to work up a garter stitch body, finished with an i-cord edging.  Quick and easy, and perfect for my boyfriend husband on chilly mornings.


The second project was a side-t0-side shawl knit in a single skein of Hand Maiden Swiss Silk.  The stitch pattern is a four-row repeat, based on garter stitch, with just a hint of lace.  It’s very easy knitting, perfect for mindless moments between stressed out party planning.  I’m hoping to write up this pattern in the next few weeks.


The third project was for our 4th Annual Hot August Nights Scarf Fling-A-Long, over in our Colorsong Yarn group on Ravelry.  It uses 4 skeins of Fleece Artist Coraline in two contrasting colors.  The pattern uses just a single row, repeated throughout the scarf.  The weight of the yarn makes this an amazing cold-weather scarf.  I never thought I’d hear myself say this, but I can’t wait until winter!


And the fourth project?  Well, it’s sort of a surprise, so you’ll have to keep an eye around here for that.  But I can give three hints – it needs 6 buttons, is quite convertible, and here’s a swatch:


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Seeds of Warmth

I love a nice big cowl.  Love!  I’ve always got some sort of scarf, shawl, or other cozy wrap around my neck.  I also love a quick project!

seeds of warmth blob

Enter Fleece Artist’s Slubby yarns!  It started with Slubby Blue (100% BFL wool), then expanded to Thatch (mostly BFL wool with a thread of dark Suffolk to add interesting texture) and most recently, Slubby Mix (50% BFL, 50% Merino).  Slubby Blue is now discontinued and on its way out, so I thought I’d give it a proper send-off!  I have two skeins of the Blomidon and two skeins of the Silver.

I used the Blomidon and Cat Bordhi’s Moebius Cast-On to start a cowl that will be long enough to wrap around my neck twice.  I knit in seed stitch until the Blomidon ran out.  Then I kept going with a skein of Silver.

I’d planned to use up all four skeins in the cowl, but found that the width using just two was perfect!  So now I have an amazingly squishy and cozy cowl, and enough yarn for some matching accessories (or another cowl in a different style?)!