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Busy Bizzy

The first installment of my Heirloom Christmas Project is a shawl for my youngest sister, Elizabeth.  Her buoyant energy throughout her life led friends and family to call her Bizzy.  I think this is incredibly appropriate, and extremely endearing.

Oldest Sister, Youngest Sister

 Bizzy chose the blue and green colorway, Caicos, in Fleece Artist’s Saldanha yarn.  This yarn is amazing for shawls – it is incredibly light-weight, not a smidgen itchy, extra strong, and comes in skeins of 1200m!  That’s enough to make just about any kind of shawl you can imagine.

Saldanha in Caicos, by Fleece Artist

Since the last shawl I made was a center-out triangle, I wanted this one to be at least a slightly different construction.  A center-out circle is different, right?  After searching Ravelry for who knows how long, I found the Revontuli-huivi (Northern Lights) pattern.  An English translation can be found here, on the designer’s blog.

All Spread Out

 I made a few modifications with the pattern, including using yarn-overs for all of the increases, rather than left- and right-leaning increases.  This gave the shawl a bit more air flow; it seems more open than the original.  I also did several more repeats of the main chart, because this yarn is significantly lighter weight than what the pattern suggests, and I wanted it to be substantial in size.  The pattern itself was fairly easy, and rather uneventful.

Blocking Order

 I intended to use up the whole skein on this shawl, but enough is enough, and I couldn’t bring myself to knit anymore stockinette.  I bound off started blocking!  This is only the second thing I’ve ever blocked, so it’s still a learning process.  After soaking for half an hour in Kookaburra Wool-Wash, I pressed out the water and started with the center spine, pinning it to 34″.  Then I alternated between the next column of stitches to the left and right of the center.  Once I got to the side edges, the whole thing came together, and looked quite stunning.

Like Having Wings

 I let the shawl dry overnight, then unpinned it, holding my breath the whole time.  For some reason, I still wasn’t convinced the blocking would work.  But it did, indeed!  Once blocked, the shawl is about 3/4 of a full circle.  This extra fullness allows the shawl to drape around the shoulders, giving the wearer a gentle hug.

Taking it for a test run

I can’t wait to give this shawl to Bizzy!  Hopefully she will have it for many years to come.

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  1. holey that shawl looks awesome

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