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International Yarn Bombing Day – 2012

This past Saturday (09 June) was International Yarn Bombing Day, as well as Knit in Public Day!  I was in Bend, OR with my derby team because we had a bout that night.  I knew I wasn’t going to have much time to scope out potential targets, so I chose to crochet a few rectangles; they’re super stretchy, so will fit a variety of items, and I can crank them out in no time.  I just grabbed a few remnant pieces in my basket and got in the car.

Tumalo Campsite 24 - 2012

We camped in the Tumalo Campground, a few miles outside of Bend.  It was gorgeous!!!  Well, the weather was gorgeous.  The campsites were so cramped that you couldn’t sneeze without hitting your neighbors.  This wasn’t ideal; when was the last time you saw a gagle of derby skaters keeping quiet?  Well, never.  However, we did manage to make it through the week without being kicked out of the campground!  Success.  I had a gray square made out of in-the-grease handspun that I used to bomb one of the legs of the picnic table in our campsite.  It seemed to fit the “rustic” theme.

bomb 2

For lunch, we stopped at the Deschutes Brewery.  While we were sitting around waiting for our food and beverages to arrive, a group of us stepped outside to assess a few more targets.  We chose a tree and a bike rack in front of the restaurant.  Since we were in downtown, I chose squares that were a bit more…flashy!  The Hulk, our tour guide for the weekend, approved of our mission.

bomb 4

It was really great having so many of my teammates and fellow league members assisting with the yarn bombing.  It made it much more fun.  And they provided some amount of concealment!  They stood in a circle around me watching as I stitched the sides closed around the targets.  Sure, it probably drew more attention than just one person standing close to a tree, but no one could see what I was doing, and it made me feel so very covert 🙂

bomb 3

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Back From No Where…

I can’t believe it’s been so long since my last post!  While I’ve obviously been neglecting my blog, other areas of my life have been chugging along nicely.  A whirlwind of roller derby action has kept me skating about 5 times a week, and administrative duties for the league have otherwise commandeered my free time.  I’ve also found some free time to knit, developing a few new Colorsong Yarn exclusive patterns, and maybe, just maybe, a FREE pattern or two.

To make up for lost time, I will attempt to post about all the projects that have kept me occupied for the last few months, as well as all the roller derby shenanigans for the 2011 season.

Hopefully I’ll be all caught up before I leave on an epic journey across the States!  My sister is getting married in South Carolina in just over a week, and after flying into town for the wedding, I’ll be driving back home to the Pacific Northwest over the course of a week.  I’ll be bringing with me not only all the odds and ends of my childhood, but also a new item of precious cargo!  More on that once I get to South Carolina!!

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Monster S*M*A*S*H

Monster S*M*A*S*H (bout poster)

Last weekend was Sick Town’s last bout of the season, Monster S*M*A*S*H!  We played the Cherry City Derby Girls (CCDG), of Salem, OR.  Earlier this season, we played CCDG and lost by a fair margin.  This time, we couldn’t lose!  We knew they’d been to our most recent bout, watching our strategy, analyzing our skaters, trying to figure out how to beat us.  They even had it all on video!  As for us, we hadn’t really seen them play since our last bout together.  We didn’t really know what to expect.  So our plan – go out HARD!

Racking up a 30-point Jam!

My captain put me in for the first line-up of the night.  It was amazing!  My team helped me to score 30 points in the first jam – that’s a great score for one jam.  Early in the jam, the opposing jammer got sent to the penalty box.  So my blockers slowed the pack down to a crawl, making it easy for me to lap the track over and over again.  The other team was so distracted trying to get out of our traps and trying to get to the front, they didn’t have much time to keep an eye on me.  It was really fabulous teamwork.  I don’t smile much while playing, but I had a grin from ear to ear for the whole two minutes!

Frame-by-Frame Escape!

My coach, Izabell Ringer, recently told me to drop my shoulder when a blocker is coming in for a hit.  If done correctly, this a) makes you more stable by getting low, b) presents an illegal target zone for the blocker, and c) allows you to push off the blocker, giving yourself a boost forward!  I kept this in mind during the bout, and as you can see in the montage above, it worked!  Beautifully!

S*M*A*S*H Unit, Teamwork

The S*M*A*S*H Unit really codified our teamwork for this bout.  You can see our team captain, Back Alley Bruiser, working with D-Train in unison to push the opposing jammer, Sybil Riot, to the inside.  We really made each other proud at this bout, proving that we are, in fact, a team – not just 13 women skating together.


So the final outcome?  TOTAL VICTORY!!!  Sick Town won the bout 208-94.  Cherry City, however, won the after-party, hands down!  Those ladies were so awesome, I can’t wait to skate with them again.

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RollerCon and Knitting

RollerCon was AWESOME!!!

Sick Town Derby Dames

RollerCon is an annual roller derby convention held in Las Vegas, Nevada on the last weekend in July.  This year, 6 of my teammates and I headed down to the desert for the biggest gathering of derby women and men in the world.  The conference included on-skates classes (led by some of the best skaters around), off-skates seminars, full-length bouts, open scrimmages, and the best parties you could ask for!  OH!  And waiting.  Lots and lots of WAITING!

Sometimes the waiting was bad…

Where's the shuttle?

And sometimes it wasn’t so bad…

We're second in line!

All that waiting in line translates into valuable knitting time.  However, the biggest mistake I made on this whole trip was packing only one project: a giant lace-weight shawl.  It was too much to manage while standing, sitting, shifting, talking, and everything else one tends to do in line, so I didn’t even bring it out of the hotel room.  Lesson learned for next year: bring several small, portable projects!

With all the events, classes, and everything else RollerCon had to offer, I didn’t get much time to explore Las Vegas.  I missed the water show at the fountains in front of the Bellagio…

The Bellagio Fountains, at rest

But I did see a bit of Paris…

Paris, sort of

 A bit of New York…

New York, sort of

And a spattering of Hellenic influence…

Goddess of Luck?

 The big question: Will I be going back next year?  As long as I can stay away from any major injuries between now and then, I will definitely be going back.  There’s always more to learn!