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Heirloom Christmas

I have some pretty lofty goals for my Christmas gift-giving this year.  I have decided to create an heirloom-quality gift for each person in my immediate family, including parents, siblings, and my two best friends.  And this year, I have several new family members, since my dad got married back in April.

All in the Family

Yes, everyone in this photo is immediate family.  Dad, his wife, Sandee, and all the kids!  I will, of course, also be making something wonderful for my dearest mom.  I’m not sure if she reads this blog, though, so I will wait until the last minute to reveal her gift!

My Beautiful Mother, and Me

I also have two wonderful, life-long friends that will also receive gifts as part of this project.  Kelly and I met in 8th grade, both as new students for the last year of middle school.  Katie and I worked together in high school, and have grown closer and closer ever since.  These two women are as close as family can be.

Katie, Keri, Kelly - New Years 2010

Grand Total: 11 Heirloom Gifts!  All of the women will be receiving a unique, lace-weight shawl of 100% Merino, hand-painted wool.  The brothers will each receive a blanket, and my dad will get a sweater.  He’s one of those men who loves lots of color, texture, and pizazz in his sweaters (think classic Bill Cosby)!  If all goes according to plan, the first installment of this grand project will be complete within the week.

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