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Hip to be Square? Indeed!

I’ve recently been converted.  I never thought I was someone who could be converted, since I was so strong in the belief that there was only one choice in knitting needles.  Besides, I was never really into gimmicks.  The flash, sparkle, and glitz always wear off and leave behind something less desirable.


So, I was quite surprised to find myself knitting with the Kollage Square Needles in the first place.  At work, we’d been discussing adding them to our collection, but weren’t entirely sure.  How much can you really improve on knitting needles, tools that have been around for hundreds of years?  And, since we specialize in the highest quality products, we didn’t want to sell needles that didn’t live up to our standards.  There was only one thing to do: try them.  We got a sample needle, I grabbed a skein of yarn, and got down to business.  This is the part when, as I mentioned, I realized my surprise.  Here were these needles, with a square cross-section, producing truly wonderful stitches, and a whole lot more!


The square shape allows you to hold the needles gently, without gripping so hard that your hands become tense.  In other words, your hands can relax!  Seriously!  For me, this is genuinely exciting.  Then, there’s the other features.  The point, for instance.  It is perfect.  It’s on the sharper side, but not too sharp; it doesn’t pierce your yarn (or your fingers), but still easily slips into loops to perform the more complicated stitches (S2tog-k1-pss0, or k3tog, etc.).  The finish on the needles is neither too slick nor too sticky; the work flows effortlessly.  The size/length stamp, which is often worn off of a needle by the time you finish your first project, is smoothly etched into the needle, so you’ll always know what size you’re holding.


Then, on the circular needles, there’s the cords!  The Kollage Square Needles have 2 different kinds of cords available: the K-kable, and the Firm cable.  I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical of the firm cable.  I always thought that you wanted a supple cable that wouldn’t kink.  It turns out, I love the firm cable.  It supports your work as it flows closer and closer to the needle, freeing you from having to shift the stitches by hand up and onto the needle.  It’s superb.  I’d never thought a stiffer cable would be the answer.  And as for the k-kable (the softer one), it’s everything you’d want from a regular circular cord – flexible, smooth, and kink-resistant.


I think that my favorite part is the way my hands and arms are able to knit for a much longer period of time without starting to cramp, hurt, or otherwise complain with discomfort.  I always tend to grip the needles fairly tightly, which causes tension in my fingers, wrist, forearm, and shoulder.  With the square shape of these needles, though, I don’t need to grip as tightly.  For the first time in a very, very long time, I can knit pain-free for more than a couple of rows.  I can’t wait to try the double pointed needles in a fine gauge; my next project is a pair of socks with the Kollage Square Needle dpns.

in use

In the meantime, we’ve decided to carry the needles!  I can’t get enough of them, and I’m hoping that others will appreciate the various benefits as well.  You can find more information about them, and get your own sets, at  As for me, I’ve converted to a poly-needle lifestyle; I still love my addi Turbo and Lace Needles, but have added the Kollage Square Needles to my knitting pantheon.

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