Atlas Shrugged

atlas shrugged

I received some sample skeins of Fleece Artist’s new put up of Kid Silk 2-ply in two of their 2015 colorways, Atlas (used in this project) and Tiger Lily.  I wanted a super fast, super easy project that took up a single skein (100g).  And since I’ve been on a garter stitch kick lately…


I came up with this long, shallow scarf knit on the bias.  The stair-stepped edge is created using bound-off stitches, and the other edge uses increases to create the gentle slope.


I really love how the garter stitch rendered the highly variegated colorway.  I’m also very pleased with the size and shape of the scarf!  It’s approximately 66″ x 10″ at the deepest point, and it can be wrapped around the neck once or twice.  Now, to write the pattern down!

Easy Peasy Headband

walnut_headband_medium2Hot on the heels of my Silk and Pearls Lace Shawl pattern, I present my Easy Peasy Headband pattern!  As you might guess, the theme of my knitting lately has been mindless, as easy as possible, get it done projects.  And this is no different.

rainbow  headband

Not only is it a quick and easy knit, it’s also completely adaptable to any yarn and needle combination you like, and can be knit to any width or length you need.  I love patterns that have the flexibility to change as easily as my whims!

seaoak headband

All it takes is a small amount of yarn, a small amount of time, and a small button 🙂


Testing – Silk and Pearls

I wanted something simple to knit, with absolutely no purl stitches, easily memorized, customizable for whatever yarn you want, and with a touch of class.  This is the final result!

It uses just a single skein of Hand Maiden Swiss Mountain Mulberry Tussah, which gives a high fancy factor to the ultra simple design.  This is a great first lace project for a newer knitter, with results that will wow just about anyone.

I’ve had some wonderful knitters test the pattern, and I’m finishing up my final sample before publishing the pattern.  It should be available soon through my Ravelry store!

Double Down

I’m an ‘extra’ kind of person.  I like extra flavor.  Bonus material.  Double strength.  So when I was thinking about my next hat, it needed to be double awesome.  I wanted double luxury, double thickness, and double warmth.  And it all came together!


I had three colorways of Cashmere 4 Ply, by Handmaiden – Black, Silver, and Topaz.  Seriously, if you haven’t touched this yarn, please put it on your wish list!  It’s 100% cashmere, and it’s simply divine.  I wanted to use all three colorways, so I devised a color pattern that satisfied my need for symmetry, and wasn’t just stark stripes.


I started at one end by casting on eight stitches, and increasing until it was the right diameter. Then I knit straight for about twice the normal length of a hat.  Finally, I decreased to mirror the increases at the other end, pulling the yarn tail through the final eight stitches.


I tucked one end into the other and voila!  It’s essentially two hats – one knit from the top down, the other knit from the bottom up – both as soft and warm as can be.  It’s everything I wanted in a hat, and I don’t plan to take it off until Oregon starts warming up next Spring!

The Littlest Bear

One of my bestest friends has tiny tot.  And what’s cuter than dressing up tiny tots?  Nothing.  The answer is nothing.  This Halloween, my friend, her hubby, and her tiny tot dressed up as The Three Bears.  I know, already sounds too cute.  Here in the Pacific Northwest, it’s already pretty chilly and damp by Halloween, so it’s only practical to have a warm costume.  Enter, the bear hood.


Can you even stand it?  If so, you’re a stronger person than me.  I used a super bulky, machine washable, synthetic/wool blend – perfect for tiny tots and baby bears alike.  I started at the bottom with some reverse stockinette, went to regular stockinette, then started the face opening.  There’s some garter stitch edging, though it sort of curled under.  But I think that was a good thing because if it hadn’t curled, it would have swallowed up her little face!  I ended with a three needle bind-off, which gave excellent structure to the pointed back end.


The ears are crocheted, then stitched into place.  They’re a little large, but the tiny tot wasn’t interested in test-driving the hood before the final touches were made, so I estimated.  Apparently I think tiny tots are giant.  I intended to line the ears with some felt, too, but Halloween is a creepy sort of holiday, and it creeped right up on my calendar completely unannounced.


All in all…they’re pretty much the cutest clan of bears I’ve ever seen!