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Working on very large projects can sometimes become daunting because you feel like you’re not getting anywhere.  With this blanket (Northern Nights Blanket Kits, by Fleece Artist), however, that’s totally not the case!  Since it’s constructed from a series of connected mitered squares, you’re only every working on a small section at any one time.  And since it’s knit with two fairly beefy yarns held together throughout, it makes pretty quick work of each square.  This colorway is called Plum.



So far, I’ve completed two rows; each row contains five squares.  There are a total of seven rows in the blanket, so I’ve still got plenty of knitting to do.  Each square measures approximately 7.5″ on each side.  At the end of these first two rows, I’ve used one complete skein (125g) of Curlylocks, and about one and a third skeins of BFL Aran (about 165g).


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