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RollerCon and Knitting

RollerCon was AWESOME!!!

Sick Town Derby Dames

RollerCon is an annual roller derby convention held in Las Vegas, Nevada on the last weekend in July.  This year, 6 of my teammates and I headed down to the desert for the biggest gathering of derby women and men in the world.  The conference included on-skates classes (led by some of the best skaters around), off-skates seminars, full-length bouts, open scrimmages, and the best parties you could ask for!  OH!  And waiting.  Lots and lots of WAITING!

Sometimes the waiting was bad…

Where's the shuttle?

And sometimes it wasn’t so bad…

We're second in line!

All that waiting in line translates into valuable knitting time.  However, the biggest mistake I made on this whole trip was packing only one project: a giant lace-weight shawl.  It was too much to manage while standing, sitting, shifting, talking, and everything else one tends to do in line, so I didn’t even bring it out of the hotel room.  Lesson learned for next year: bring several small, portable projects!

With all the events, classes, and everything else RollerCon had to offer, I didn’t get much time to explore Las Vegas.  I missed the water show at the fountains in front of the Bellagio…

The Bellagio Fountains, at rest

But I did see a bit of Paris…

Paris, sort of

 A bit of New York…

New York, sort of

And a spattering of Hellenic influence…

Goddess of Luck?

 The big question: Will I be going back next year?  As long as I can stay away from any major injuries between now and then, I will definitely be going back.  There’s always more to learn!

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