Vitis Scarf

Vitis conjures images of grape arbors, laden with the fruits of summer, tendrils of vine draping down to touch the ground.  Sitting by a tranquil garden with a glass of fine wine, the Vitis gently clings to your shoulders, keeping the first hint of fall away for another evening.

This scarf is knit using almost an entire skein of Swiss Mountain Mulberry Tussah by Handmaiden (or approximately 200m of worsted weight yarn).  Because the yarn is 100% silk, the scarf has quite a bit of weight, providing a smooth drape and keeping the scarf in place.  The dual-tone effect of the yarn provides depth of color while the shine of the silk keeps the eye playing over the pattern.  The heavy use of increases and decreases requires a severe blocking of the finished item.

The finished scarf is approximately 61″ x 7″.



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