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Spinning Vegan

Shannon, enjoying her favorite food

I have a friend, Shannon, who is vegan.  She is very devoted to maintaining vegan-ism as a lifestyle, not just a diet.  Therefore, when I decided to spin some yarn for her to use in a crafty project, I knew the source fibers had to be all vegetable matter.  So I asked another friend, the wonderful Brittany of Bohoknitterchic, to create a vegan batt for me.

Dying vegetable fibers is apparently different from dying animal fibers, so Brittany did some experimenting.  She was having trouble with the dye bleeding out, so she gave me a batt to test.  The batt was make of royal blue and white bamboo, soy, and ingeo (a corn fiber), with lime green bamboo noil lightly distributed throughout.

When I first started spinning it, I immediately noticed a difference in how the fiber spun into itself.  It was incredibly slippery, and the fibers needed a gentle nudging to grab onto each other.  Once I got the hang of it, it went pretty well.

Ingeo (processed corn fiber)

I did my best to keep the yarn somewhere between lace and fingering weight.   However, since I’m still fairly new to spinning, there are some sections that I consider worsted weight.  All in all, though, I’m pretty pleased with the result.

Veggie Blue

After I knit up this skein, I will wash it to test the colorfastness.  Once that’s done, I’ll make my final report to Brittany, and we’ll see about getting that vegan batt (or roving) ready for Shannon!  I’m thinking it will look like a delicious confection – cotton candy pink and blue, with a touch of sparkle.

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