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Swiss Mountain Silk Cotton

SMS Silk Cotton, in Pumpkin

After working at Colorsong Yarn for over a year now, I don’t know why I’m still surprised to discover that I’m completely in love with yet another yarn.  It seems like every new specimen brings unique, delightful qualities that compel me to knit more!  SMS Silk Cotton is no different – I’m hooked.

Transatlantic Scarves

This yarn is a 50/50 blend of silk and cotton, all the best qualities of each fiber lending itself to the other.  There is so much shine and sheen that your eye dances over the colors, never settling on an exact shade.  The drape gives the finished fabric an almost fluid quality, while still maintaining excellent stitch definition after blocking.  The yarn feels slightly cool to the touch as it slides through your fingers.  Though the staple fibers are fairly short, there’s not much in the way of fuzz-factor.

Stitch Detail

This is the perfect yarn for Spring or Summer accessories.  I used it to design Transatlantic, a set of scarves.  One skein will make both the triangle head scarf and the open-stitch neck scarf.  Try not to use needles with a very sharp point, as the yarn does not recover well from splitting.

Enjoying the new knits!
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