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Famous Couples Finished Projects

Last week, a friend of mine sent me a photo from her phone and asked, “Can you make one of these for me?”  I had to ask her, “Is that a garter belt, or a headband with earflaps?”

Me and Niko

Apparently, it was a headband with earflaps.  The photo was pretty grainy, and it was hard to see much detail in the item.  Plus, it was mostly black.  My best guess, it was mostly single crochet, on a fairly large hook.  The shape was simple enough, so I told her I’d have some prototypes in a week or two.

Jasmine Headband

Since I was so excited about my Aladdin and Jasmine yarns, I wanted to use them in a project, PRONTO!  I never calculated the yardage, but I knew it wasn’t much, certainly not enough for a hat.  But half a hat, with earflaps?  I started with the earflaps, working triangles until large enough to cover the ears comfortably.  Once I had two, I cast on the rest of the stitches to encircle an average adult head, and kept knitting until it was the right height.

Aladdin Headband

There was plenty of yarn for each headband, and they knit up so fast!  I made one from start to finished before I left for work one morning.  The yarn has plenty of sparkles, which don’t show up so well in these photos, but they make the headband extra fun.  I’m going to let Niko pick out whichever one she wants.

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