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Four Projects and a Wedding

It’s been four months since my last post; for me, it feels like a couple of weeks.  I spent most of that time planning for, then enjoying, my wedding!  But that’s another post 🙂  Somehow, I was also able to pull off four projects during that time.  Which astounds me, because I don’t really remember doing much knitting!


The first is a very simple bandana.  I used a single ball of Knit Picks Chroma Fingering to work up a garter stitch body, finished with an i-cord edging.  Quick and easy, and perfect for my boyfriend husband on chilly mornings.


The second project was a side-t0-side shawl knit in a single skein of Hand Maiden Swiss Silk.  The stitch pattern is a four-row repeat, based on garter stitch, with just a hint of lace.  It’s very easy knitting, perfect for mindless moments between stressed out party planning.  I’m hoping to write up this pattern in the next few weeks.


The third project was for our 4th Annual Hot August Nights Scarf Fling-A-Long, over in our Colorsong Yarn group on Ravelry.  It uses 4 skeins of Fleece Artist Coraline in two contrasting colors.  The pattern uses just a single row, repeated throughout the scarf.  The weight of the yarn makes this an amazing cold-weather scarf.  I never thought I’d hear myself say this, but I can’t wait until winter!


And the fourth project?  Well, it’s sort of a surprise, so you’ll have to keep an eye around here for that.  But I can give three hints – it needs 6 buttons, is quite convertible, and here’s a swatch:


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