Riverbed Cowl

Decorative brooch by Perl Grey

The Riverbed Cowl takes its inspiration from rivers abounding in the Cascade Mountains whose beds are lined with rounded rocks and pebbles, polished through time by swift running water. Necessity, of course, also offered it’s bit of inspiration: It is no small feat to stay warm against the maritime winds and chill rains of a Pacific Northwest winter.

The Riverbed Cowl is a super quick and easy knit in a marvelously squishy thick-n-thin yarn.  The 100% Blue Face Leicester fiber is the softest you’ll find, and wonderful against the sensitive neck skin.  The cowl works for both men and women (and kiddos), and the optional ribbon can add a touch of flare.


  • Fleece Artist Slubby Blue (100% BFL Wool): 1 skein (100m / 125g), Polar Sea; Slubby Blue has been discontinued, and a perfect replacement, Fleece Artist Slubby Mix, is now available!
  • US 11 needles
  • 2ft of 1/2″ ribbon (optional)
  • Darning needle


  • Gauge: 12 stitches / 24 rows to 4″ in pattern stitch
  • Cast on 25 sts.
  • Row 1: K1, p1 across, ending with k1.
  • Row 2: P1, k1 across, ending with p1.
  • Row 3: Repeat row 2.
  • Row 4: Repeat row 1.
  • Repeat these 4 rows until the piece measures 17″ from cast-on edge.  Bind off loosely.  Weave in ends.  Block lightly.
  • Using yarn as thread, sew first 6″ of cast-on row to last 6″ of bind off row.  This creates an offset, skewed cylinder.
  • Optional – Lace the 1/2″ ribbon through the fabric from the bottom of the seamed edge to the top, like a shoe lace.  Tie ends into a bow.

(Pewter Leaf Brooch by Perl Grey available at www.colorsongyarn.com)

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