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House Colors Chevron Scarf – Published!

It’s pretty typical of me to knit something up, write it down, have it tested, then never get around to publishing the new pattern.  TYP-I-CAL!  So it’s no surprise that this scarf pattern, that I developed back in August, is just now reaching the public.

Go, team, go!

The beauty of this scarf is several fold – it has only a single pattern row (so it’s easy to memorize), it’s knit in bulky yarn (so it’s finished quickly), and it’s as squishy and snuggly as a good scarf can be!  Using two colors from your favorite school, sports team, or fictional magical house, you can show your spirit while banishing the cold.


I used two skeins of two colorways of Fleece Artist Coraline, 100% Corriedale wool.  It boasts vivid, saturated colors and a tight, squishy structure.  At 8″ x 72″, it’s amply wide and long to fit just about any adult.  I also offer some suggestions for modifications to fit smaller people.  You can find the free pattern here!

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