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International Yarn Bombing Day – 2012

This past Saturday (09 June) was International Yarn Bombing Day, as well as Knit in Public Day!  I was in Bend, OR with my derby team because we had a bout that night.  I knew I wasn’t going to have much time to scope out potential targets, so I chose to crochet a few rectangles; they’re super stretchy, so will fit a variety of items, and I can crank them out in no time.  I just grabbed a few remnant pieces in my basket and got in the car.

Tumalo Campsite 24 - 2012

We camped in the Tumalo Campground, a few miles outside of Bend.  It was gorgeous!!!  Well, the weather was gorgeous.  The campsites were so cramped that you couldn’t sneeze without hitting your neighbors.  This wasn’t ideal; when was the last time you saw a gagle of derby skaters keeping quiet?  Well, never.  However, we did manage to make it through the week without being kicked out of the campground!  Success.  I had a gray square made out of in-the-grease handspun that I used to bomb one of the legs of the picnic table in our campsite.  It seemed to fit the “rustic” theme.

bomb 2

For lunch, we stopped at the Deschutes Brewery.  While we were sitting around waiting for our food and beverages to arrive, a group of us stepped outside to assess a few more targets.  We chose a tree and a bike rack in front of the restaurant.  Since we were in downtown, I chose squares that were a bit more…flashy!  The Hulk, our tour guide for the weekend, approved of our mission.

bomb 4

It was really great having so many of my teammates and fellow league members assisting with the yarn bombing.  It made it much more fun.  And they provided some amount of concealment!  They stood in a circle around me watching as I stitched the sides closed around the targets.  Sure, it probably drew more attention than just one person standing close to a tree, but no one could see what I was doing, and it made me feel so very covert 🙂

bomb 3

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