Cape Creek Cashmere Set

The Cape Creek bridge along Highway 101 in Oregon is one of 13 bridges designed by Conde McCullough listed on the National Register of Historic Places. These bridges use bold straight lines and gentle arches to reflect the art deco style that was popular during the time of their construction.  These structures use sturdy, rugged concrete and steel to span breathtaking natural settings, juxtaposing durability with beauty.


The Cape Creek bridge echos Roman aquaducts with its strong vertical pillars, and is the inspiration for this luxurious cashmere hat and mitt set. An easy stitch motif mimics the straight pillars of the bridge; tightly spun cashmere resists wear and tear. A mix of bold yet simple lines, durable materials, and natural beauty make this set as timeless as the McCullough bridges.

This set is a quick, simple, unisex combo that requires one skein for either the hat or the mitts, or two skeins for both items.  Sizes of mitts range from S-XL, and the hat comes in two sizes, S/M and L/XL.


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