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SkatemberFest 2010

Sick Town S*M*A*S*H Unit (I'm front row, center; argyle socks)

 My roller derby league, Sick Town Derby Dames, recently hosted SkatemberFest 2010 in Albany, Oregon.  We played against the Atomic City Rollergirls  from the Tri-Cities area in eastern Washington state. 

Atomic Rollergirls Line-up

Only a few ladies on my league had seen Atomic City play.  They bouted against the Lava City Roller Dolls’ Cinder Kittens a few weeks ago, and won.  We bouted the Cinder Kittens last year during SkatemberFest ’09, and lost.  We were a bit worried.

A front wall controls the pack's speed

Our S*M*A*S*H Unit came out hard, and took a substantial lead at the very beginning.  We used all the strategies we’d been practicing this season, using traps and controlling the pack’s speed.  The Atomic City skaters were hard-hitters, but by half-time, we had a comfortable lead.

Just squeeking through

Personally, I had two goals for this bout : 1) communicate constantly, and 2) actually RUN through the pack.  I was pretty successful with running through the pack; I had several grand slams and scored over 50 points.  However, as usual, I didn’t talk to my teammates as much as I should have.  I will continue to work on this (I blame my mouth guard, which is too big and makes talking difficult).

Sprinting past the pack

The second half of the game got pretty heated between teams, and there might have been some slightly unladylike behavior, but we’ll forgive all parties involved.  The final score…well, see for yourself:

Skatemberfest 2010 Final Score
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